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Get Smart


Do you have goals? I would imagine if you do they center around several key areas of life such as: family, career, physical health, financial, spiritual and I’m sure there are others. I was involved in a discussion the other day that was somewhat troubling. It involved a common acronym for goals: SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results Oriented, Time Bound. Until the aforementioned conversation I always that this was a great framework for thinking about, and specifying goals. No longer.

Everything with that equation makes sense to me except for one thing. “Attainable” there are certainly some aspects of life where attainability is an important factor. Namely, anything that requires a large risk in terms of time or resources invested. This is really just a way to mitigate risk. Although, if you are attempting to achieve a gain, adaptation, life changing, radical, destiny altering goal; it’s likely that attainability is a vague and perhaps useless part of the goal framework.

I would submit that some of the greatest achievements in human history have been accomplished by those with no concern for attainability. The problem lies in our lack of self-confidence about the “type” of person that we are. We are willing to let friends, society, peers subjugate us, our abilities, to that of the status quo. Some people have the attitude that because they are lame, mediocre, and afraid to make radical goals; that you should follow suit. If you are one of these people, consider what damage your words to could do to someone with great potential. If these type of people are in your group of friends, consider getting new friends.

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