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Make it Better

I want to take a minute to introduce a new category to my blog: “MakeitBetter.” This is my entrepreneurial question: How can we make it better? Let’s deconstruct my question a little bit.

First, I should mention that Bijoy Goswami started me down this path. Well, he might say, that I was already on the path. Bijoy simply gave me a framework for discussing/describing/implementing it. In any case, he is the first person to explain to me that most entrepreneurs have a question that drives them in their business endeavors.

Second, what do I mean by “make it better?” Make what better? Well I think this question can and probably should be applied to every aspect of our lives from business, to personal, spiritual, emotional and the list goes on. Most of my discussions about making it better will refer to best practices in business, product development, and customer service. Some of these discussions will also explore problems and potential solutions to these problems.

Third, Notice the use of “We.” This is intentional, one of things that motivates me as an entrepreneur and social geek is collaboration. I believe that the best solutions are those derived from a collaborative innovation process.

Finally, why is this a unique question? Doesn’t everyone want to make it better? Well, I don’t think so. Seth Godin talks about something called the lizard brain in his book Linchpin. This topic is discussed further in a previous post of mine. Basically, we all have competing instincts within our constitution. Our creative instinct leads to evolution and the desire to look at things and make them better. The other instinct is the lizard brain, it fears change and chokes out innovation. If safety and the status quo are your chief concern, then you will never make it better. If you are willing to take risks, collaborate, and ask questions then you will make it better in perpetuity. Let’s make it better together!

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